Featured Catechist

Florence Chan has been a volunteer catechist at Transfiguration Church for eight years. She teaches the children of Grade One. In Florence’s own words, here’s an example of her work:
“Yesterday, my class learned about the Eucharist. They learned what it is, what happens during the sacrament, and why it’s important. We topped off the lesson with an art project – a 3D Chalice and Host. I pre-cut the chalice and host, and they colored and assembled.
We also had a 2nd project for those who finished early. Heavenly Liturgy and Our Eucharistic Celebration is meant to show that the Eucharist is like a bridge between heaven and earth. Jesus serves as our connection between heaven and earth. We are not alone when we celebrate the Eucharist. When we feast together, we are one community – including those who are in heaven and here on earth. The children were asked to draw people whom they know are in heaven on the top part of the paper. They could draw anyone from the bible or someone they knew. On the lower section of the paper, they drew people who are still on earth.”
Florence has completed the Archdiocese of New York Level 1 Catechist Certification and has moved on to Level 2 Certification preparation.

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