Catechist and Catechist Aide Guidelines


In addition to the tenants and guidelines in the Catechist Handbook, Transfiguration Religious Education program Catechists follow these 15 guidelines:

  1. Catechists must be in the classroom by 9:45am in order to setup and receive the children. Class begins promptly at 10:00am and ends promptly at 11:20am. Children cannot be in classrooms unsupervised and they should not be wandering or playing in the halls.
  2. Give the CRE as much notice as possible if you can’t teach a class.
  3. No eating or texting or personal phone calls during class. Do not serve snacks or other food or drinks to children in class.
  4. Maintain discipline in the classroom. Notify parents of unruly children. If the behavior continues, notify the CRE.
  5. Older (grade 6 and above) choir children will be responsible for getting to choir practice on their own. They will pick up lower grade (grade 5 and below) children and accompany them to choir practice.
  6. Make lessons interesting. Mix it up. No one activity, be it reading, lecturing or a game should last more than 12 to 15 minutes.
  7. Assign homework at the end of class. Collect it at the beginning of class. Turn all homework into the CRE. The CRE is looking for trouble/learning disability signs and for outstanding students. Make sure children print their name and grade on the homework page.
  8. Guest speakers. Let the CRE know if you would like to bring in an expert to teach a specific topic, e.g., the Rosary or personal development.
  9. Email lesson and homework assignment to the parent(s) of children that are absent.
  10. Any child that misses three (3) classes in a row may be dismissed from the program.
  11. Children must bring back to class their textbooks if they take them home. Send a note home to parent(s) if they forget. Parents must purchase a new textbook if a child loses his/her original textbook.
  12. If you spot a child with a learning disability or that does not understand English, let the CRE know immediately.
  13. In the very first class, establish your ground rules. Parents will be given a Parent Handbook (in English and Chinese) to review and sign off on, indicating that they have reviewed and agreed to the “Parent’s Responsibility.”
  14. Catechist aides must sign in using the sign in sheet taped to the Chinese Office door. Indicate name and time entered. Aides should notify both the CRE and the catechist they assist if they are going to be absent or late.
  15. Catechist aides must review the Catechist Handbook and follow/abide by the same guidelines.

The Catechist Handbook.

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