First Reconciliation


A note from Catechist John Hum to Parents of Grade 2 Students.

I work closely with the children in the Sunday Religious Education Program 2nd Grade class to prepare them for their first Reconciliation. Our classes cover scriptural stories about God’s unwavering love for us and his willingness to forgive our sins, discussions of the Ten Commandments, and a step-by-step review of the preparation and conduct of the Reconciliation Sacrament.
To ensure that the children have a prayerful and grace-filled experience with this sacrament, please review, rehearse and reinforce the process at home. The set-by-step outline is presented below:

1. Examination of Conscience – Before a child goes for Reconciliation, he/she should first examine his/her conscience to see what sins may have been committed. A good reference is the list of the Ten Commandments on Page 34-35 of their textbook, Finding God. In our class, we have discussed practical examples of how we may have sinned against those commandments. I urge you to discuss those in detail with your children.

2. On the day of the Reconciliation, the child should enter the Reconciliation room, close the door, kneel down, make the sign of the cross out loud and greet the priest as follows: “Bless me, Father. This is my first Reconciliation and these are my sins.” Then tell the priest his/her sins.

3. The priest will talk to the child about those sins and then give the appropriate penance. As discussed in class, the penance involves several aspects – how the child should make up for the sins committed and what prayers should be offered.

4. The priest will ask the child to pray the Act of Contrition. This is printed on Page 72 of their textbook.

5. The priest will then give the child absolution (forgiveness) for his/her sins and send him/her off in peace.

6. The child then makes the sign of the cross and says thank you to the priest. He/she then leaves the Reconciliation room.

7. Upon return to the pew, the child should say in private the prayers that the priest had given him/her for penance.

If you have any questions on the above steps, please speak with me on any Sunday before class or after the 11:30 AM Mass.

In Our Lord,

John Hum



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